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What's Happening

A Star Reborn

Dec 2020

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2003. Frozen in time; coffee cups exactly where they were left seven years before, desks, chairs, file cabinets filled with files were all left as part of the Isaacson Granary sale. Even the...

Fall at the Granary

Nov 2020

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Welcome to Fall at The Granary! The Granary is a LEED Gold Certified building that evolved from our decision to purchase the defunct Issacson Granary. The past came alive for us ...

We Are Expanding

Nov 2019

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20190426  Granary Expansion - Render Fin
Happy November everyone! Big things are happening at the Granary. We are expanding. This will be a new chapter, for new opportunities. We hope everyone is as excited as we are  ...

Let's Get Crafting!


A lot has been happening at the Granary! One of the great things that happens is that sometimes as one tenant grows and another expands or changes we have movement from one  ...
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