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The first Earth Day was in 1970 and then went global in 1990? Today over 190 countries participate and is also known as "International Mother Earth Day". There's even a song called "Earth Anthem" written in 2013 by Indian poet Abhay Kumar. 

Earth Day is always on April 22 and this year, 2023, marks the 53rd year! 

Here how other countries celebrate Earth Day:

  • Denmark celebrates Earth Day United at the Christiansborg Castle Square in Copenhagen, which includes a celebration of drum-playing pointed at the four corners of the world. 

  • Japan celebrates Earth Day in Yoyogi Park where approximately 100,000 visitors are expected to participate in family activities and learn about companies that encourage sustainability.

  • London features an Earth Day celebration, sponsored by a group of activists and musicians. The event raises funds for British charities and groups fighting climate change.

  • Spain holds a 24-hour Global Unity and Regeneration Gathering, which includes presentations and workshops on helping the environment.

  • India has a variety of Earth Day activities and encourages participants to dress in green.

  • The Philippines features marathons as part of Earth Day Celebrations, 

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Earth Maze
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